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MGA - Wed, Jan. 4, 2017
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Cochran, GA-  Middle Georgia State University has officially announced the Fall 2016 President's and Dean's Lists which included 55 Knights. There is a total of 19 Knights that found themselves on the President's List and 36 who made Dean's list. 14 out the 19 student-athletes on the President's list had a GPA of 4.0 which included 7 from the women's soccer team. In order for a student to make the president's list they must obtain a GPA of 3.8 or higher and for Dean's list, a student must get a GPA of 3.5-3.79.  Women's Tennis, Men's Tennis, Softball, Women's Soccer, and Women's Cross Country all had a team GPA over 3.00 for Fall 2016. Also, 53.2% of the student-athletes were over 3.00 GPA and 70.4% of the student-athletes were over a  2.50 GPA.

President's List (3.80-4.00):                                                        

Jesus Monserrat – Baseball

Logan Smith – Baseball

Kianna Delas – Women's Basketball

Mary Esmond – Women's Cross Country

Apasia Karfakis – Women's Soccer

Katina Karfakis – Women's Soccer

Kaitlyn Lefevre – Women's Soccer

Lauren Alpizar –Women's Soccer

Manuela Bedoya – Women's Soccer

Brooke Best – Women's Soccer

Carlotta Engel – Women's Soccer

Logan Gibbs – Women's Soccer

Sam Silva – Women's Soccer

Maggie Burkhalter – Softball

Meagan Coleman – Softball

Kaitlin Tucker – Softball

Brittany Wilt – Softball

Nish Rebello – Men's Tennis

Laura Cocoma-Hernandez – Women's Tennis


Dean's List (3.50-3.79):

Zachary Cornell – Baseball

Jordan Flood – Baseball

Brannon Green – Baseball

James Mallett – Baseball

Jason Plyn – Baseball

Hayden Whitlow – Baseball

Kahler Fletcher – Women's Basketball

Shaketa Hodges – Women's Basketball

Pat Edmonds – Men's Basketball

Cheyenne Kelley – Women's Cross Country

Theresa Lasal – Women's Cross Country

Justin Alonso – Men's Soccer

Raul Guinea Mendez – Men's Soccer

Akil Williams – Men's Soccer

Hannah Gullikcson – Women's Soccer

Alicia McCray – Women's Soccer

Caroline Neas – Women's Soccer

Meghan Revell – Women's Soccer

Danielle Roberts – Women's Soccer

Jade Washington – Women's Soccer

Julia Davis – Softball

Sabrina Doucette – Softball

Harley Roberts – Softball

Colby Gandy – Men's Tennis

Masao Perret – Men's Tennis

Octavio Tamola – Men's Tennis

Preeti Gokhale - Women's Tennis

Jacqueline Heer – Women's Tennis

Lara Persiani – Women's Tennis

Liana Dejourdan – Women's Volleyball

Jaslynn Gwyn – Women's Volleyball

Emili Jordan – Women's Volleyball

Kalyn Makimoto – Women's Volleyball

Tashelle Peigan – Women's Volleyball

Jordae Taylor – Women's Volleyball