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2016-17 Master Schedule
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Master Schedule for 2016-17
Day Time Sport   Opponent
Sat13 Men's Soccer @ Andrew College
Sat132:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Andrew College
Wed173:00 PMWomen's Soccer vs. Truett-McConnell College
Wed176:00 PMMen's Soccer vs. University of South Carolina Salkehatchi
Fri197:00 PMMen's Soccer @ University of North Georgia
Sat206:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Valdosta State
Mon226:00 PMMen's Soccer vs. SCAD Savannah
Tue236:00 PMVolleyball vs. Fisk University
Wed2412:00 PMWomen's Soccer vs. Grand View University
Fri263:00 PMVolleyball vs. Bluefield College
Fri264:30 PMMen's Soccer @ Life University
Fri267:00 PMVolleyball vs. University of Pikeville
Sat279:00 AMVolleyball @ Milligan College
Sat271:00 PMVolleyball vs. Talladega College
Sat274:30 PMMen's Soccer @ Saint Thomas University
Sun284:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Thomas University
Tue307:00 PMMen's Soccer vs. Reinhardt University
Fri211:00 AMVolleyball @ Boyce College
Fri25:00 PMVolleyball vs. Pensacola Christian
Sat311:00 AMVolleyball @ Huntingdon College
Sat35:00 PMVolleyball vs. University of the South
Sat36:00 PMClub Football @ Georgia Military College
Mon56:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Georgia Gwinnett College
Wed74:30 PMWomen's Soccer vs. Point University
Wed77:00 PMMen's Soccer vs. Truett-McConnell College
Fri97:00 PMVolleyball @ Brewton-Parker
Sat109:30 AMWomen's Cross CountryBobcat Invitational
Sat101:00 PMVolleyball @ College of Coastal Georgia
Sat105:00 PMWomen's Soccer vs. University of South Carolina - Beaufort
Sat107:00 PMMen's Soccer vs. Concordia College Selma
Sun111:00 PMWomen's Soccer vs. Southeastern College
Sun111:00 PMClub Football @ LaGrange College
 LaGrange JV
Wed141:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Georgia Southwestern State University
Wed143:30 PMMen's Soccer @ Georgia Southwestern State University
Fri16 Men's Tennis @ Georgia College & State University
Fri16 Women's Tennis @ Georgia College & State University
Fri167:00 PMVolleyball vs. William Carey University
Sat17 Men's Tennis @ Georgia College & State University
Sat17 Women's Tennis @ Georgia College & State University
Sat178:30 AMWomen's Cross CountryDalton State Cross Country Classic
Sat172:00 PMVolleyball vs. University of Mobile
Sun18 Men's Tennis @ Georgia College & State University
Sun18 Women's Tennis @ Georgia College & State University
Sun182:00 PMVolleyball vs. Loyola University
Sun184:30 PMMen's Soccer @ Auburn University Montgomery
Thu227:30 PMMen's Soccer @ Bluefield College
Thu228:00 PMVolleyball @ Martin Methodist
Fri236:30 PMWomen's Cross CountryMercer Invitational
Sat242:00 PMClub Football vs. University of North Carolina
 UNC-Chapel Hill Club Team/ Attendance: 418
Sat242:00 PMVolleyball @ Bethel University
Sat243:00 PMMen's Soccer @ Tennessee Wesleyan
Sun251:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Life University
Thu296:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Brenau University
Thu297:00 PMVolleyball @ Brenau University
Fri30 Women's Cross CountrySCAD Atlanta Invitational
Fri308:00 PMVolleyball @ Faulkner University
Sat112:00 PMVolleyball @ Dalton State College
Sat12:00 PMClub Football vs. Benjamin Morgan Prep
Sat15:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Dalton State College
Sat17:30 PMMen's Soccer @ Dalton State College
Sun212:00 PMWomen's Soccer vs. Saint Thomas University
Thu65:00 PMWomen's Soccer vs. Martin Methodist
Thu66:00 PMVolleyball @ Fort Valley State
Thu67:30 PMMen's Soccer vs. Martin Methodist
Fri7 Men's Tennis @ Mercer University
 Mercer Gridiron Classic
Fri7 Women's Tennis @ Mercer University
 Mercer Gridiron Classic
Sat8 Men's Tennis @ Mercer University
 Mercer Gridiron Classic
Sat8 Women's Tennis @ Mercer University
 Mercer Gridiron Classic
Sat812:00 PMClub Football @ Point University
Sat81:00 PMWomen's Soccer vs. Bethel University
Sat83:30 PMMen's Soccer vs. Bethel University
Sun9 Men's Tennis @ Mercer University
 Mercer Gridiron Classic
Sun9 Women's Tennis @ Mercer University
 Mercer Gridiron Classic
Tue117:00 PMVolleyball vs. University of Windsor
Thu137:00 PMVolleyball vs. Brewton-Parker
Fri147:00 PMVolleyball vs. College of Coastal Georgia
Sat152:00 PMMen's Soccer vs. Brewton-Parker
Sat154:00 PMClub Football @ Columbus State
Wed195:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Albany Technical College
Thu206:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ William Carey University
Thu207:00 PMVolleyball vs. Martin Methodist
Thu208:30 PMMen's Soccer @ William Carey University
Sat22 Women's Cross CountrySand Shark Invitational
Sat221:00 PMVolleyball vs. Bethel University
Sun234:00 PMClub Football vs. Jireh Prep Academy
Mon245:00 PMWomen's Soccer vs. University of Mobile
Mon247:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ Georgia College & State University
Mon247:30 PMMen's Soccer vs. University of Mobile
Tue257:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Georgia College & State University
Fri28 Men's Basketball vs. Voorhees College
 Brewton Parker Tip-Off Classic
Fri282:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Voorhees College
Fri288:00 PMVolleyball @ William Carey University
Sat29 Men's Basketball vs. Morris College
 Brewton Parker Tip-Off Classic
Sat29 Club Football @ University of North Carolina-Greensboro
 Club Team
Sat2912:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Morris College
Sat296:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Faulkner University
Sat298:00 PMVolleyball @ University of Mobile
Sat298:30 PMMen's Soccer @ Faulkner University
Sun3012:00 PMVolleyball @ Loyola University
Mon317:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Albany State
Thu36:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Savannah State University
Thu37:00 PMClub Football vs. Atlanta Sports Academy
 Homecoming - Fireworks Show to Follow the Game
Thu37:00 PMVolleyball vs. Brenau University
Fri4 Women's Cross CountrySSAC Conference Meet
Fri46:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ University of Mobile
 Conference QuarterFinals
Fri47:00 PMVolleyball vs. Faulkner University
Sat5 Club Football vs. Kennesaw State
 KSU Club Team
Sat51:00 PMVolleyball vs. Dalton State College
Sat56:00 PMMen's Soccer @ Dalton State College
 Conference QuarterFinals
Tue85:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Voorhees College
Tue87:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. Voorhees College
Thu107:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Cumberland Univ.
Sat124:00 PMClub Football vs. Columbus State
 SAC Championship
Wed167:30 PMMen's Basketball @ Columbus State
Thu175:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Lindsey Wilson
Thu177:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Savannah State University
Sat193:00 PMClub Football vs. Coppin State
 NCFA National Semifinal
Mon217:30 PMMen's Basketball @ Georgia Southwestern State University
Thu15:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Faulkner University
Thu17:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. Faulkner University
Sat3 Club Football vs. Oakland University
 NCFA National Championship Game
Thu295:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ University of Mobile
Thu297:30 PMMen's Basketball @ University of Mobile
Sat311:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Loyola University
Sat313:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Loyola University
Tue37:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Jacksonville University
Thu55:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Bethel University
Thu57:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. Bethel University
Sat72:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Martin Methodist
Sat74:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Martin Methodist
Mon96:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ Auburn University Montgomery
Mon98:30 PMMen's Basketball @ Auburn University Montgomery
Thu125:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Brenau University
Thu127:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. Dalton State College
Sat143:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Blue Mountain College
Sat145:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Blue Mountain College
Mon163:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ William Carey University
Mon165:00 PMMen's Basketball @ William Carey University
Thu195:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. College of Coastal Georgia
Thu197:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. College of Coastal Georgia
Sat212:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Brewton-Parker
Sat214:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Brewton-Parker
Tue246:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ Faulkner University
Tue247:30 PMMen's Basketball @ Faulkner University
Sat281:00 PMBaseball @ Thomas University
Sat28Game 2Baseball @ Thomas University
Sun291:00 PMBaseball @ Thomas University
Mon306:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Voorhees College
Mon308:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Voorhees College
Thu25:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. University of Mobile
Thu27:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. University of Mobile
Fri31:00 PMBaseball vs. Georgetown College
Fri3Game 2Baseball vs. Georgetown College
Sat412:00 PMBaseball vs. Georgetown College
Sat42:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Loyola University
Sat4Game 2Baseball vs. Georgetown College
Sat44:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Loyola University
Thu95:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ Bethel University
Thu97:30 PMMen's Basketball @ Bethel University
Fri102:00 PMSoftball vs. Point University
Fri10Game 2Softball vs. Point University
Fri103:00 PMBaseball vs. Cumberland Univ.
Sat111:00 PMBaseball vs. Cumberland Univ.
Sat11Game 2Baseball vs. Cumberland Univ.
Sat111:00 PMSoftball @ University of South Carolina - Beaufort
Sat11Game 2Softball @ University of South Carolina - Beaufort
Sat112:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Martin Methodist
Sat114:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Martin Methodist
Sun122:00 PMWomen's Tennis vs. Clayton State University
Mon135:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Auburn University Montgomery
Mon137:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. Auburn University Montgomery
Tue143:00 PMBaseball vs. Truett-McConnell College
Tue143:00 PMSoftball @ Georgia Southwestern State University
Tue14Game 2Softball @ Georgia Southwestern State University
Tue146:30 PMMen's Tennis @ Armstrong State University
Tue146:30 PMWomen's Tennis @ Armstrong State University
Wed154:00 PMBaseball vs. Reinhardt University
Thu165:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ Brenau University
Thu167:30 PMMen's Basketball @ Dalton State College
Fri173:00 PMBaseball vs. Toccoa Falls College
Fri173:30 PMWomen's Tennis @ Indiana Wesleyan University
Fri175:00 PMBaseball vs. Toccoa Falls College
Fri175:00 PMSoftball @ Warner University
Fri177:30 PMSoftball @ Ave Maria University
Sat1812:00 PMSoftball @ Keiser University
Sat18Game 2Baseball vs. Toccoa Falls College
Sat182:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Blue Mountain College
Sat182:30 PMSoftball @ Edward Waters
Sat184:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Blue Mountain College
Sun199:00 AMSoftball @ Southeastern College
Mon205:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. William Carey University
Mon207:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. William Carey University
Tue213:00 PMBaseball @ Georgia Southwestern State University
Thu235:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ College of Coastal Georgia
Thu237:30 PMMen's Basketball @ College of Coastal Georgia
Fri249:00 AMMen's Tennis @ Loyola University
 Conference Tourney
Fri249:00 AMSoftball @ Brandeis University
Fri249:00 AMWomen's Tennis @ Loyola University
 Conference Tourney
Fri2411:30 AMSoftball @ Webber International
Fri243:00 PMBaseball vs. Milligan College
Fri243:00 PMMen's Tennis @ William Carey University
 Conference Tourney
Fri243:00 PMSoftball vs. Augustana College
Fri243:00 PMWomen's Tennis @ William Carey University
 Conference Tourney
Sat2511:30 AMSoftball @ Point Park UniversityLive Stats
Sat251:00 PMBaseball vs. Milligan CollegeLive Stats
Sat25Game 2Baseball vs. Milligan CollegeLive Stats
Sat252:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Brewton-ParkerLive Stats
Sat252:00 PMSoftball @ Saint Thomas UniversityLive Stats
Sat253:00 PMMen's Tennis vs. University of Mobile
 Conference Tourney
Sat253:00 PMWomen's Tennis vs. University of Mobile
 Conference Tourney
Sat254:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Brewton-ParkerLive Stats
Sun269:00 AMSoftball vs. Alma CollegeLive Stats
Sun2611:30 AMSoftball @ Adrian CollegeLive Stats
Tue283:00 PMBaseball vs. Georgia Gwinnett CollegeLive Stats
Wed1 Men's Basketball @ Conference Tourney
 SSAC Conference Tournament March 1-4
Wed12:00 PMSoftball @ Truett-McConnell CollegeLive Stats
Wed12:30 PMMen's Tennis @ Georgia Southwestern State University
Wed12:30 PMWomen's Tennis @ Georgia Southwestern State University
Fri311:00 AMMen's Tennis @ Southeastern College
Fri311:00 AMSoftball @ TBALive Stats
 Mobile Games
Fri311:00 AMWomen's Tennis @ Southeastern College
Fri31:00 PMBaseball @ Bethel UniversityLive Stats
Fri3Game 2Baseball @ Bethel UniversityLive Stats
Fri33:00 PMSoftball @ Campbellsville UniversityLive Stats
 Mobile Games
Sat49:00 AMSoftball @ Lindsey WilsonLive Stats
 Mobile Games
Sat411:00 AMMen's Tennis @ Warner University
Sat411:00 AMWomen's Tennis @ Warner University
Sat41:00 PMBaseball @ Bethel UniversityLive Stats
Mon611:00 AMWomen's Tennis @ Southeastern College
Tue71:00 PMBaseball @ University of South Carolina - BeaufortLive Stats
Tue7Game 2Baseball @ University of South Carolina - BeaufortLive Stats
Fri10 Women's Tennis @ Conference Tourney
 SSAC #2
Fri1010:00 AMMen's Tennis @ Bethel University
 Conference Tourney SSAC #2
Fri1010:00 AMWomen's Tennis @ Dalton State College
 Conference Tourney SSAC #2
Fri1010:00 AMWomen's Tennis @ Bethel University
 Conference Tourney SSAC #2
Fri1010:00 AMWomen's Tennis @ Bethel University
 Conference Tourney SSAC #2
Fri101:00 PMSoftball @ College of Coastal GeorgiaLive Stats
Fri10Game 2Softball @ College of Coastal GeorgiaLive Stats
Fri104:00 PMBaseball vs. William Carey UniversityLive Stats
Fri104:00 PMMen's Tennis vs. Martin Methodist
 Conference Tourney SSAC #2
Fri104:00 PMWomen's Tennis vs. Martin Methodist
 Conference Tourney SSAC #2
Sat1110:00 AMMen's Tennis vs. Dalton State College
 Conference Tourney SSAC #2
Sat1110:00 AMWomen's Tennis vs. Dalton State College
 Conference Tourney SSAC #2
Sat11Game 2Baseball vs. William Carey UniversityLive Stats
Sat111:00 PMSoftball @ Brenau UniversityLive Stats
Sat11Game 2Softball @ Brenau UniversityLive Stats
Sat112:00 PMBaseball vs. William Carey UniversityLive Stats
Sat113:00 PMMen's Tennis vs. Blue Mountain College
 Conference Tourney SSAC #2
Sat113:00 PMWomen's Tennis vs. Blue Mountain College
 Conference Tourney SSAC #2
Fri172:00 PMSoftball vs. Faulkner UniversityLive Stats
Fri17Game 2Softball vs. Faulkner UniversityLive Stats
Fri17Game 2Baseball @ University of MobileLive Stats
Fri174:00 PMBaseball @ University of MobileLive Stats
Sat181:00 PMBaseball @ University of MobileLive Stats
Sat182:00 PMSoftball @ Brewton-ParkerLive Stats
Sat18Game 2Softball @ Brewton-ParkerLive Stats
Tue21Game 2Softball @ Point UniversityLive Stats
Tue212:00 PMSoftball @ Point UniversityLive Stats
Tue213:00 PMBaseball vs. Thomas UniversityLive Stats
Thu235:00 PMMen's Tennis vs. College of Coastal Georgia
 Macon, GA
Fri24 Men's Tennis @ University of Northwestern Ohio
Fri24 Women's Tennis @ University of Northwestern Ohio
Fri24 Women's Tennis @ University of Northwestern Ohio
Fri243:00 PMSoftball @ Blue Mountain CollegeLive Stats
Fri24Game 2Softball @ Blue Mountain CollegeLive Stats
Fri246:00 PMBaseball @ Martin MethodistLive Stats
Sat25Game 2Baseball @ Martin MethodistLive Stats
Sat251:00 PMBaseball @ Martin MethodistLive Stats
Sat252:00 PMSoftball @ Bethel UniversityLive Stats
Sat25Game 2Softball @ Bethel UniversityLive Stats
Sat253:00 PMWomen's Tennis vs. Brenau University
Tue284:00 PMBaseball @ Columbus StateLive Stats
Fri311:00 PMSoftball vs. William Carey UniversityLive Stats
Fri31Game 2Softball vs. William Carey UniversityLive Stats
Fri313:00 PMBaseball vs. Brewton-ParkerLive Stats
Sat11:00 PMBaseball vs. Brewton-ParkerLive Stats
Sat1Game 2Baseball vs. Brewton-ParkerLive Stats
Sat11:00 PMSoftball vs. University of MobileLive Stats
Sun21:00 PMMen's Tennis vs. Point University
Tue44:00 PMBaseball @ Reinhardt UniversityLive Stats
Fri7 Men's Tennis vs. Auburn University Montgomery
Fri7 Softball vs. Edward WatersLive Stats
Fri7Game 2Softball vs. Edward WatersLive Stats
Fri7 Women's Tennis vs. Auburn University Montgomery
Fri7 Women's Tennis vs. Auburn University Montgomery
Fri77:00 PMBaseball @ Faulkner UniversityLive Stats
Sat82:00 PMBaseball @ Faulkner UniversityLive Stats
Sat8Game 2Baseball @ Faulkner UniversityLive Stats
Sat82:00 PMSoftball @ Martin MethodistLive Stats
Sat8Game 2Softball @ Martin MethodistLive Stats
Tue114:00 PMBaseball vs. Columbus StateLive Stats
Wed12 Men's Tennis vs. Louisiana State University-Alexandria
Wed12 Women's Tennis vs. Louisiana State University-Alexandria
Wed12 Women's Tennis vs. Louisiana State University-Alexandria
Fri14Game 2Softball vs. College of Coastal GeorgiaLive Stats
Fri142:00 PMSoftball vs. College of Coastal GeorgiaLive Stats
Fri143:00 PMBaseball vs. Blue Mountain CollegeLive Stats
Fri14Game 2Baseball vs. Blue Mountain CollegeLive Stats
Sat1511:30 AMMen's Tennis @ Georgia College & State University
Sat1511:30 AMWomen's Tennis @ Georgia College & State University
Sat151:00 PMBaseball vs. Blue Mountain CollegeLive Stats
Sat15Game 2Softball vs. Brenau UniversityLive Stats
Sat151:00 PMSoftball vs. Brenau UniversityLive Stats
Tue184:00 PMBaseball vs. Georgia Southwestern State UniversityLive Stats
Wed196:00 PMBaseball vs. University of South Carolina - BeaufortLive Stats
Fri213:00 PMSoftball @ Faulkner UniversityLive Stats
Fri21Game 2Softball @ Faulkner UniversityLive Stats
Sat222:00 PMSoftball vs. Brewton-ParkerLive Stats
Sat22Game 2Softball vs. Brewton-ParkerLive Stats
Sun232:00 PMBaseball @ Georgia Gwinnett CollegeLive Stats
Tue253:00 PMBaseball @ Truett-McConnell CollegeLive Stats
Thu273:00 PMBaseball vs. Loyola UniversityLive Stats
Thu27Game 2Baseball vs. Loyola UniversityLive Stats
Fri281:00 PMBaseball vs. Loyola UniversityLive Stats
Wed3 Baseball @ Conference TourneyLive Stats
 May 3-6 *CST